Getting Home Landscaping Ideas From the Internet
March 9, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 18:59 PM

This spring, I am going to be redesigning my garden to make sure that the entire place looks totally different from the way that it does right now. I just need to be able to go online to make it so that I am able to get ideas for what kinds of items I can put around the backyard. I am hoping to really transform the space and make it into something that I can be proud of.

I have been trying to do what I can to make it so that I am able to get some different types of ideas for landscaping the area all around my home. I have been looking at pictures of what other people have done with the homes that they have. There are also a lot of different website’s that make it easy for me to find some home landscaping ideas that I could use.

Seattle Outdoor Kitchen Plans Include My Stunning Metallic Kitchen
March 9, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 16:37 PM

There are so many ideas for a great outdoor kitchen. Living in the Seattle area, you need an outdoor kitchen that can stand up to the elements and give you the relaxing space that you deserve. I loved looking through all of the different Seattle outdoor kitchen plans before finding the best plan for my Seattle home.

I love my metallic kitchen that features stunning wood work and metal accents on all of my kitchen appliances. My kitchen stays perfectly lit up at night and looks great in the daytime as well. Getting inspiration for Seattle outdoor kitchen plans is a must and making that plan a reality is essential also.

A Trellis Planter Looks Great in My Garden
March 4, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 17:37 PM

For a while I have been thinking about adding some type of a vine to my garden since it would be nice to have a plant that would look like this. I have been trying to find some different types of planters that I would be able to use for a vine specifically. There were many that could include a trellis that would make it so that any vine would be able to have somewhere to climb.

I looked at several of these planters so that I would be able to find one that would work the best for me. I found some that were way too big for my yard and others that would be awkward in the space. I ended up deciding on a beautiful trellis planter that was just the right size to fit in one area of my yard and really would improve the overall look of the space.

Thanks to My Generac Portable Generator, I Fix My Yard in No Time Flat
February 29, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 16:20 PM

Getting my yardwork done is easier than I thought it would be. The thing is, I prefer powered devices to basic ones. When I trim my hedges, I like using an electric hedge trimmer. And when I cut back branches on my trees, I use a chainsaw. So when I do yardwork, I always make sure to have a portable generator at the ready.

The last time I worked on my yard, I was done much faster than I thought it would take. It’s all thanks to my tools and how they’re charged with electricity. If I used a normal pair of hedge clippers, it would take a lot more time! So I always used my Generac portable generator when I fix up my yard.

Contemporary Outdoor Fountains Bring My Yard To Life
February 26, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 12:41 PM

I want to have a yard that’s full of life and that’s why I decided to get some contemporary outdoor fountains for it. My outdoor fountains are artistic and I love their designs. They feature unique and interesting shapes and are perfect conversation pieces. The outdoor fountains really have transformed the look of my yard.

One of my outdoor fountains features a circular design with a large stream of water flowing down into a large bowl. This outdoor fountain is up against one of the walls of my house and it’s a wonderful addition to my yard. My contemporary outdoor fountains make my yard a flowing work of art.

Butterfly Wind Chimes Provide Soft Melodies In My Yard
February 25, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 14:08 PM

There are some lovely wind chimes that are out in my yard and they glimmer in the sun and let the soft melodies ring throughout my whole outdoor area. I first got inspired to get these wind chimes after noticing how nice it was to hear them when I heard my neighbor’s wind chimes. Wind chimes really make a big difference.

There are many different kinds of wind chimes out there and they all add a delicate touch to my yard. The wind chimes flutter with grace and elegance and I can’t wait to buy more of them so that my yard can sing even sweeter melodies all year long. It’s nice to be able to hear the soothing melodies of butterfly wind chimes all day long.

Buying a New Firepit for My Yard so I Can Have Fires There
February 24, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 17:23 PM

I recently have been starting to look for some different items that I could use to make it so that I could have a fire out in my backyard. I thought of just making a fire ring on my property, but I felt like this might be dangerous since it would be right on the ground of my yard. I worry about doing some permanent damage to the yard by putting in a fire area like this.

I have been looking instead for something that would be a more portable item that I would be able to use out in my yard to have a fire wherever I wanted to have it. I have been looking at a few different types and think that a simple firepit would probably be the best option. A small pit would be perfect for me to use to build a fire in my yard.

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Putting Out Garden Bird Baths for the Warmer Weather
February 24, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 16:50 PM

Now that the birds are starting to return from the south and the weather is warming up substantially, I have started to put all of my bird items out in the yard. I had some feeders up during the winter, but I didn’t have all of the bird feeders that I usually have out there. I was able to get these out early so that I could feed birds who traveled through the area.

I have now started to ready my bird baths since I know that these need to go out as well. I am planning to wait until all of the freezing mornings are gone because I don’t want my bird baths to freeze and break. I have been working on washing the garden bird baths to get them ready to be put out in my yard filled with water for thirsty birds.

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Landscaping Designs for Front Yard Areas Help Me Get Ideas
February 23, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 17:51 PM

When I moved into my home which has a small front yard area, I was at a loss as to what types of decorations or landscaping would be good for me to use to make this area look really nice. I wanted to do something special with it since I knew this area gave people their first impression of my home. I wasn’t experienced with having a yard so I went online to get some help.

I was able to find some different types of ideas for yards online that have really helped me when trying to come up with what I should be doing for my yard. I decided that I would try looking at landscaping designs for front yard areas so that I could get a better idea of what to do with the area. I think I’ll be able to get my landscaping done easily with these items as influences.

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Keep Unwanted Things out with a Square Fire Pit Cover
February 23, 2016
posted by MyBeautifulGarden @ 17:20 PM

When I’m not using my fire pit, I never want anything unwelcome in there. I’d rather not come out to the fire pit and find a squirrel living in there. Or if some leaves fall into it, I don’t want to have to clean it out completely before using it. So to preserve it nicely, I got it a cover to keep unwanted stuff out.

If you have a fire pit, I strongly suggest having a fire pit cover. The thing is, you’re not going to be using your fire pit every night. If it’s raining, there’d be no point in it. Or if it’s windy, the fire could go out. So during those times, you should have a cover over that. That way, the square fire pit cover can keep your fire pit safe.

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